More voice less noise!

With our digital state, the electronic signature, and every single aspect of business and government online, we have been at the cutting edge of digital development and policy in the EU from the start.

You may have heard that declaring your taxes in Estonia will take you no more than a few minutes. The same applies to start a business. And it is true; our reality is digital. In the current fast-paced world, there are millions of ways how to promote your product or service.  At IMPACT 80/20, we focus on 20% of channels, tactics, and activities that bring 80% of the total outcome to you—creating more productivity, more wealth and better culture.


Your choice of experts

We are true believers in digital as in the online world. Marketing has more reach with more speed than it ever has had before. With less money, you can have more impact than anyone can imagine, which makes IMPACT 80/20 your first choice as an expert, and your ideal partner.

Our track record has proven by the fact that for the past 10 years, we have been a TOP20 member of the WSI network of more than a thousand agencies around the world.

We believe that karma is a bitch, so we give back to society by taking an active part in the work of organisations that shape the field of marketing in Estonia and abroad. We are proud members of WSI, BNI and TULI (Estonian Marketers Association).

This is our Team

Head of Team and Services Maarja Tiho

Maarja knows everything about anything what's going on in our agency.

Head of Design Laura Lisethe Pankova

Laura is an artist by heart. She can deliver visuals that are easy to follow and will form a platform in your marketing funnel. Of course everything she creates, is a visual delight as well. She loves hiking in the mountains and captures moments through the lens of the camera.

Project manager and strategist Indrek Jõe

Marketing Consultant Rolland Korotkov

When you do SEO for over a decade, it's not just a profession anymore, it's a possession. Where others see just search results, Rolland sees causes, dependencies, and opportunities for your business. While away from the monitor, Rolland spends his time with his kids and music.

Founder Kristjan Raude

"Work in progress" entrepreneur and business angel with 15 years of experience in sales, marketing and business concepts. His mission is to impact people around him so that we could all fulfill our maximum potential. In free time Kristjan is a proud family guy with an addiction to running & Muay Thai.


We have received more than 20 awards over the years