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Brave new marketing world: an agency’s insight

Author: Kerttu Kongas

He who doesn’t risk never gets to drink champagne says an infamous Russian proverb. Risks are valuable assets. The benefit of taking risks lies in a mere fact that you can never know where they will lead you. Neither did we when we decided to rebrand our agency last Spring. It has been a year, so let’s take a look back. That being said, we embarked on the journey with one goal in mind but ended up with an even better one that fits our agency profile so much more. On the way, we discovered that there is a brave new marketing world out there. 

Change is a difficult subject. It is in human nature to be more inert and conformist. We tend not to like significant changes or to differ from others for that matter. The latter being somewhat a paradox because quite often it is what people are chasing for – that mystical and incomprehensible uniqueness called je ne sais quoi by the French.

People are afraid of change because it takes them from the known to the unknown. And that feeling of being insecure can be overly frightful.

But why do we make changes then? Changes are a way to break out from the set frames. Our agency’s wish is just that – to spread our wings, discover new horizons, and be in constant movement.

There’s an entirely new sense to marketing

The marketing scene needs a new approach. The old rules are not valid any longer, and new ones are yet to be written. Just like entrepreneurship, financial sector, production and manufacturing, and many other fields, the way we did marketing before, is no longer so. There are, of course, tendencies and trends that are evolving continually as do we, humans. But all in all the nature of it has changed.

The ever-changing world of today doesn’t spare anyone. It is every agency’s responsibility to be a trustworthy (marketing) partner to ambitious companies during this difficult and a bit hectic time. 

It is not just spreading the word anymore, marketing is part of a company’s long-term strategy and business model. It has gained a seat behind a prestigious round table and is part of the core of any business.

A hypothesis shapes from this: if your marketing strategy and every little nuance of your business are not thought through with relevancy, the company doesn’t flourish either. Why? Because the world is just too noisy. And, it is not quieting down any time soon.

Marketing has changed

The executives step in

Brave new (marketing) world means that the management will be involved more than before. The owners, founders and top managers will be the ones to set the strategy. And, only then will it be passed over to the marketing department who is going to execute it.

What does it all mean for the agencies? Marketers will evolve into business consultants who are kind of like renaissance-men familiar with a myriad of subjects. The ‘new’ marketing partner needs to understand, in depth, what is good for the company, which creates the most significant value to it, why and where their clients originate, etc.

I have reached the core of my train of thought – the destination mentioned earlier, where a year ago started journey has led us today. The future of marketing is a full stack agency who is a supporting partner to its clients. In that new environment, the agency’s job is to continually think together with and understand all of the perks in regards to the context of the company: what is vital to its clients, what urges them to act. The most important is to understand which are the inner and external problems they are facing every day.

By answering the questions mentioned above, it is possible to reach an entirely new level in the game. The strategic role of an agency is to guide and support the company on their exciting venture.

Happy brave new marketing world!   

If you’re tired of old ways which are not going anywhere and wish to take your company to a new level, get in contact!