Former manager of NO99 Paul Aguraiuja to run advertising agency

One of Estonia’s first agencies in the digital field, WSI Online is changing its identity and hiring a new CEO after ten successful years in the business. Starting today the company is called IMPACT 80/20, and its new CEO is Paul Aguraiuja, former manager of Tallinn’s renowned NO99 theatre and award-winning TV show producer.

As company founder and outgoing CEO Kristjan Raude explains, the driving idea behind the company’s rebranding is to expand across the Atlantic and look for customers in the United States. IMPACT 80/20 will continue to be a part of WSI International’s network and franchise, which means that it can rely on an established network of partners operating under the WSI brand in the USA.

The continued good relationship with WSI is a competitive advantage also after the rebranding. Beyond the company’s new direction, Raude also points out that after a successful decade in the digital business in Estonia, the time has come to do something new.

“We were among the first enthusiasts and promoters of the digital sector in Estonia, and in a time when it was still at its very beginning,” Raude says. “We’ve left a large digital footprint. I think the time has come to look for new challenges.”

Raude stresses that putting one’s skills to the test time and again is a critical part of anyone’s self-development: “You can’t allow yourself to be limited to your comfort zone,” he says.

The ambitious goal to conquer new markets abroad will be a challenge to the new CEO, but also a driving force, Raude thinks. “Paul is a strong leader, and his experience with the world of theatre and film also in the international arena speaks for itself. Under his leadership, NO99’s international activity and its publicity increased several times over. Today we’re a highly specialized digital advertising agency, but thanks to our new CEO we’ll be able to accept creatively very demanding projects in the future.”

Raude doesn’t currently want to comment on his own plans, but confirms that he will remain available and connected to IMPACT 80/20 in the future.

Paul Aguraiuja is looking forward to the new challenge, and thrilled to work with an agency that has already been successful in Estonia. “I want to add an equally strong creative side to its already proven digital expertise,” Aguraiuja says.

The agency’s new name, IMPACT 80/20, according to Raude was chosen because of the concept behind it. “Applied the right way, this is a very powerful idea,” Raude says. “In our activities we always concentrate on those 20 percent that produce 80 percent of results. And that’s how you succeed.”

Raude spent the past months preparing the field for WSI Online’s rebranding with the production of his marketing web show, also called IMPACT 80/20.

More background information as well as IMPACT 80/20’s plans for the future will be discussed at the company’s own Digital Minds conference in Tallinn’s Sokos Hotel Viru conference center on March 28.

WSI was founded in Canada in 1995, years before Google, Yahoo, or Facebook arrived on the scene. Today the network has grown to be the world’s biggest and one of its most innovative, spanning more than 1,000 offices in more than 80 countries. Estonia has been part of the network since 2008.

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