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Jump on the digital media train before it’s too late

If your business is not active on the digital frontier, it simply doesn’t exist. Why? Digital media allows people (your potential target group) to be addressed by products and services they desire. And, the results can be later measured by perfect accuracy. Tõnis Suitslepp, the Digital Media Manager at IMPACT 80/20 told us more about the importance of digital media and its developments in the near future.

We believe in digital

“People’s daily habits move more towards digital. The huge advantage digital media holds is locating and targeting those habits. This way you can address your clientele with offers they are interested in, measure the results later and make further conclusions,” explains Tõnis Suitslepp, the Digital Media Manager at IMPACT 80/20.

Digital literacy is so critical today that people often stop their shopping journey when a company’s webpage isn’t modern enough or doesn’t open correctly on their smartphones. “One of the cornerstones of digital marketing is a working web page or a landing page created for a specific campaign where your customers can ‘land’ on after seeing your message. If it isn’t attractive enough, the money you’ve invested in digital media will be pretty much wasted,” explains Tõnis.

Digital media Photo by from Pexels

What will the digital tomorrow be like?

“2019 doesn’t seem to be revolutionary on the digital media scene. The processes that are already in use will be finetuned even more and the number of mobile users will continue to increase. The web must meet all the mobile parameters so that the users wouldn’t have any obstacles.

Since the mobile traffic will increase, the cross-device traffic must be looked over as well. For example, will the people who’ve come on the web page via a mobile, make desired actions there right away, or will the desired conversion (a buy, request forms, etc.) bloom from a repeat desktop traffic visit? Based on that data you can build different ad campaigns depending on the platform. Later you can create customer journeys which can be effectively used in terms of digital marketing.”

The evolution of digital media, the growth of it, is in correlation with various social media platforms and the progress of AI. “Fresh algorithms will pop up like mushrooms after the rain. There will be solutions that make the navigation much easier and the processes automated. In regards to Google Ads, the main value is that everything is going to be much simpler for the user. Thanks to the variations of the automated biddings and algorithm updates,” says Tõnis and continues: “All in all, the platform is rather complicated for someone who’s not so ‘at home’ with it. Then again, managing a simple campaign has been made a lot easier. Who wishes to go deeper should turn to an expert as the rules and regulations for  adapting campaign scripts are not that straightforward as one might think.”

What about the trends? The video is continually gathering more momentum, even more than it does already. “Moving pictures and spot-on visuals have a lot larger impact and are more effective than static content. This means they also fly better in different environments like Google Display and Facebook Display. Additionally, Google recently launched its video assets to responsive display ads. It allows you to download videos with a dynamically changing ad texts from Google Display network to Youtube,” says Tõnis.  

Two keywords: rules and creativity  

The devil is in the details, as they say. Rules and regulations are updated regularly. One of the things Tõnis recommends to pay close attention to is GDPR launched last Spring. For example, what kind of ads are allowed to use, what subjects are forbidden and, which fields must use disclaimers. “One must always be up to date with all the rules and regulations.”

The terms creativity and creative solutions become more and more significant in terms of standing out and making your voice heard. The reason is simple: creativity cannot be (at least, not very easily) automated. “To start a campaign and run it isn’t complicated. But the campaign must be built up creatively and thought through technically. If you want to stand out from your competition, you can do it with the help of creativity.”

Is the evolution of digital media blessing or a nuisance?

“It’s a blessing if you’re jogging along, and it’s a nuisance if you’ve missed the train. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of businesses who haven’t done anything substantial in regards to their digital presence. The main reason is that their customers come from other, more traditional channels, via recommendations or something else,” says Tõnis.

He continues: “Today you can still manage by traditional ways, but in the upcoming years you must jump on the digital train before it’s too late. Today’s global world moves towards digital at an accelerated speed. It’s inevitable. Plus, what happens if the so-called safe old school options cease to exist?”

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