New kid on the marketing block: Impact Marketing Meetup kicks off in the Fall

Marketing is ever-growing; it will never be ready. For the past three years, we’ve organized an always-sold-out digital marketing conference called Digital Minds. Since the times ‘they are a-changin’, we went for a bit of a revamp of the old and are introducing you the much better and more enhanced Impact Marketing Meetup.

Impact Marketing Meetup is a brand new event about the future of marketing. It’s a day full of visionary insights, practical tips, and fierce debates. The event will take place on 26 September in Tallinn, and its slogan is ‘more ideas, less slides.’ What’s on the menu? Telling stories using technology, growth hacking and launching, AI and innovation, life after influencers, and so much more!

The line of speakers is rather extraordinary. So far we’ve confirmed Vytautas Kubilius who’s the Google Country Manager for the Baltics, Elijah Murray, the founder, and CEO of Matter Product Studio in the US, an innovative product design studio. Matthew Zoltan who has been clinically testing the effects of his own sensory meditation in Australia for the past 30 years and has launched an app. So that everyone in the world would benefit.

If you stand in one place too long you’ll have moss growing on your back

IMPACT 80/20 Director of Creative & Strategy and the program manager of the inspiration day, Paul Aguraiuja, says that the reason behind the event is somewhat a standstill on the local scene. “Since Estonia is so small, many of the marketing theories don’t work here as they do for the large corporations across the ocean. Plus, we’re constantly a few years behind in adopting new solutions and ideas. That’s why we’re bringing in people who do big things in the wide wide world and will put them on the stage together with our leading local powerhouses”.  

Paul continues: “We have been organizing a popular and always-sold-out Digital Minds conference and regularly take part in various marketing events. Based on our experience the local scene seems to be a bit tired and in need of a fresh kick. Constant change is necessary, and one cannot become too comfortable. Plus, we wanted to do something where the vast local English speaking expat community could come as well, and what would, someday, move outside of Estonia as well”.  

Impact Marketing Meetup

Marketing and the future. We need to talk about it

The essence of the event is the future of marketing. Marketing hasn’t been, for a while now, just a trend to follow, but a core part of every company’s business strategy. “In this ever-changing noisy world, nothing is safe from constant development. It’s not just the interesting new gadgets and channels that are popping up like mushrooms after the rain; it’s that the essence of it is changing. The day after tomorrow in marketing will be, and already is, more and more part of every businesses strategy”.  

We also aim to develop local conference tourism. So that people from abroad would come to Estonia to attend the local inspiring and debate-initiating events.

NB! The amount of tickets is limited. If you’re part of Marketing Association (Turundajate Liit) you’ll get a 20 percent discount. To retrieve it, enter “TULI LIIGE” to the company name field when purchasing the ticket.

Would you like to be part of the future of marketing? Want to take the lead in growing your company? Then check the webpage for further info and get yourself a ticket!

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