Our Services

Our Services

You can’t become a client of ours, we want you to be a partner. As a partner of ours we can provide you with one or several services or give you a full-stack experience and create a loyal collaboration. We start with analysis and finish with it so your product or service can become a full circle.

B R A N D D E S I G N & W E B A T T E N T I O N G E N E R A T I O N L E A D S & S A L E S A N A L Y S I S

We will work with you from the beginning. We will figure out your position on the market and help you define the best marketing and communication strategy for your company. And if you are already in the business for some time, we will help you find new strength.

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Design & web

You need a platform to be heard. We will help you to implement the amazing strategy and brand we have figured out together. Be it a good website for people to react to what you offer or the cover of Financial Times. You need them to click, call, write and buy.

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Attention generation

Your audience needs to know you’re around. This means you need to rank highly in search results, have an engaging social media presence, offer helpful information and advertise yourself in campaigns. We will give you more voice with less noise.

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Leads & sales

Attention does not equal turnover. Getting them to buy is hard work. We will gear your efforts towards making people to respond and once they have, we will make sure you do not lose them. Keeping them loyal is our mutual goal.

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We want you and your services & products to be future proof. So we measure everything what is possible to measure and will give you insightful recommendations about the direction of your marketing activities. In data we trust.

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General approach

What is marketing?

Marketing is all about changing perspective, thinking and behavior.

  • You want to tell the whole world about your product or service.
  • You want to change the thinking about your brand compared to your competitor.
  • You want everyone to forget your last product’s technical failure.
  • You want your peers to think good about themselves while using your product or service.
  • You want your audience to gain a certain status in society by using your product or service.
  • This can all be achieved by well-thought marketing and communication.

IMPACT 80/20 can make this happen by combining brand marketing and direct marketing.

Our definition

How we approach marketing

Brand Marketing​

Brand Marketing is the traditional advertising represented by uber creative people with amazing designs and out-of-the-box thinking. The classic way of doing marketing and advertising since the ’60s. The ultimate goal is to strengthen the brand-customer relationship and to build strong awareness.
PAIN POINT: For Brand Marketing you need to have a rather large advertising budget and you can not measure ROI and evaluate the results.

Modern Direct Marketing

Modern Direct Marketing is mostly online marketing represented by the young and furious who adopt to new technology on the go and understand how to use it to create super sales funnels. Done in channels, where targeting and measuring is easy. The ultimate goal is to call to action.
PAIN POINT: Focusing only on results and performance-based Direct Marketing activities is a short-period activity and does not create brand value.

Full-stack marketing

Brand Marketing + Direct Marketing