Digital Advertising

You get the best outcome when all elements work in harmony. To get there, you need to fine-tune every aspect of your marketing and advertising based on your specific business reality. Our full-funnel approach helps you do just that.

Strategy & Creative

The challenge: you need an effective strategy, but one that doesn’t make you slow and static. You still need to be quick and able to react to new developments to stay ahead of the curve. Your creative needs to be a winner.

IMPACT 80/20’s approach is straightforward. In finding the 20 percent that work, we can beat the game and make sure you get your message across. No more pushing buttons and hoping for the best.


The purpose: you need people to react to what you offer. You need them to click, call, write, buy. Whatever you want them to do, they will only do it if you can convince them that you are relevant to them.

Applying proven methods as well as the latest business insights, we build your online platform gearing development as well as UX design and copy towards maximum effectiveness. The measure of our success here is how much response you get, and you can expand or decrease the scope of your web presence exactly how and when you need it.

Traffic Generation

The people: your audience needs to know you’re around. This means you need to rank highly in search results, have an engaging social media presence, offer helpful information, and advertise yourself in campaigns.

We can help you drive qualified and targeted traffic by backing up your web presence with expert SEO, but also with text, visual, and video content. This is how you get a digital advertising platform that really packs a punch. And by making your digital and social media engaging and relevant, we help you keep your prospects and existing customers interested.

In your campaigns we help you fine-tune your message and approach until it is highly targeted, relevant to your prospects, and effective also in processing the leads you’ll get. That way you don’t lose those who have already shown interest.

Lead Generation

The action: attention and traffic don’t equal turnover. This means that you need people to take action to turn them into leads. Getting them to do that is hard work. Your efforts need to be geared towards making people to respond, and once they do you can’t afford to lose them.

We’re aware of this in everything we do. Everything we build aims for maximum action, including CRO and generating inbound leads through your web presence. Keeping your business ahead of the curve, we also make sure you meet every requirement to be compliant with the relevant data protection and privacy laws like the EU’s GDPR so you don’t lose hard-earned money on complaints.

Sales Generation

The follow-through: it’s a crime how many leads and prospects are lost because the follow-through isn’t set up right. Getting people’s attention is important, but it isn’t the whole ballgame: you need to keep them interested, and do so intelligently and in a way that produces results.

By using marketing automation and constantly building on the latest data, IMPACT 80/20 helps you implement a marketing process that is waterproof and delivers quality leads to your sales team.