We will work with you from the beginning. We will figure out your position on the market and help you define the best marketing and communication strategy for your company. And if you are already in the business for some time, we will help you find new strength.

We at IMPACT 80/20 have developed our own tools to get from you, your team, partners and clients all the needed information to figure out how you should enter the market. As avid believers in storytelling, we make sure that your story has a structure and makes your customers feel and act as you want them to.

The services we provide:

  • Marketing Strategy Creation – Our strategy work is always based on research and digital testing campaigns in all markets + internal research in companies. On top of the actual strategy development we provide education and training for execution of implementation plans.
  • Creative Solutions and Campaigns – A good strategy needs an eye-catching creative solution. We will compare all our creative ideas against the findings of research and make sure that it is 100% in line with the strategy. Blinking stuff without purpose is not our thing.
  • Communication Management – To support the strategy, we are able to negotiate communication deals in different channels and firstly outline, where and what should be said.
  • Customer Experience Design – There is no point of doing marketing if the product or service is not working perfectly. The customer still is the King and we will help you roll out the red carpet. Or the green or blue, if we have defined so in the strategy.

Our recent clients in branding, creative & strategy include Leinonen Accounting & Advisory, Estonian Rescue Board and Cuesta Attorneys.

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