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Design & web

Why would I need design & web?

At IMPACT 80/20 we know that even sheer beauty is only worth something if it works as flawlessly as it looks. We help you in setting up a concept that will support your brand in any and all platforms. 


The services we provide:

  • Concept Development – When designing (a webpage or anything else), the core that everything else is based on, is the concept. We have ample experience in creating concepts that work. We believe in combining creativity with research when it comes to fundamental decisions that define your brand’s future direction.
  • Copywriting – In order to make a concept well understood, it is crucial to choose the right words in the right form in the right place. Our copywriters understand how to make even the most complicated thoughts and ideas compelling. We spur genuine interest in people and make them believe in you and your brand.
  • Design / UX Design – A platform is only good if its use is as intuitive as it is pleasing to the eye. When designing user experience we make sure latest research, good taste and best practises are topped off with user testing. In the case of UX, beauty without substance is a waste of money.
  • Coding – While Esperanto might be a useful language when traveling the world, it doesn’t help much when talking to computers. Instead, we speak the universal language of coding. And we make sure none of your wishes get lost in translation.
  • Physical Production – Does the word “bleed” scare you? Don’t worry, it’s just protection against uneven prints. We make sure beautiful designs find the right coating, format and size. This is the finishing touch.

Some of our recent clients in design include Cuesta Attorneys, Õllenaut Brewery and Klinden Dental Care.