The charm of digital media: what are the opportunities of digital media?

Digital media is attractive to every entrepreneur. You don’t have to invest a lot of money in digital media to get the results. So, it offers many opportunities even for small businesses. But that’s only one advantage.

To understand the possibilities of digital media better, I interviewed our digital media strategist Armin Tüll.

Why should a company prefer digital media to traditional media? What are the main advantages of digital media?

Digital media is definitely the fastest growing media channel. Both, worldwide trends and local trends, show it. For example, according to the data of Kantor Emor, internet is on the second place after television in Estonia. But, if we add Google and Facebook to this data, internet is actually the number one media channel in Estonia. The same trend is in most countries. And this is a very strong first reason, why you should prefer digital media.

The second advantage of digital media is the opportunity to reach big audiences. There are almost 3,9 billion internet users in the world. So, with digital media it’s definitely possible to reach your target audience.

The third reason would be targeting and the fourth measurability. In my opinion, these reasons make digital media attractive to any company.

Are there any opportunities in digital media for small companies as well?

I think digital media is a great place to start for small companies, because you don’t need to have huge budgets to do that. You can start with small budgets as well! Often small businesses have a mind-set that marketing and advertising are expensive, so we can’t do that. In my opinion, digital media can be a great opportunity for them. I definitely encourage small companies to try it.

The second reason why small companies should invest in digital media is the fact that small companies want to get fast results. They don’t care about branding, leads and sales are important to them. And you can accomplish these results instantly with digital media and also with small budgets.

From your experience, what are the biggest mistakes in digital media?

I want to emphasize three biggest mistakes. Number one – not measuring the results or the lack of knowledge to measure the results. Meaning that marketers don’t understand which ad, banner, message or keyword brought the goal. Number two – no testing. Even, if you measure your results, you don’t test which version of the ad, landing page or message worked the best. Sometimes the difference in results can be multiple times, which means that you’re losing money with one ad, but winning with the other one. Number three – targeting. Not much attention is paid on targeting. I think the charm of digital media is targeting –  targeting the right audience with the right message.

Can you give some advice how to be successful in digital media?

My first advice would be “get started”! Find an agency or do it yourself. The second advice is learn constantly. Digital marketing is one of the fields which is changing very fast. So, it’s essential to keep yourself up to date with all the new trends and technologies. If you don’t educate yourself, you can find yourself from a situation where your ads don’t bring the desired results.

Is it better to hire an agency to manage digital media or do it yourself? Why?

I think that’s one of the questions every business owner has. There are pros and cons in both options. The advantage of your own team is definitely a better knowledge of your product or service. It’s very clear for them what exactly are they marketing and selling. Also, the communication is faster. One disadvantage is that your own employee is more expensive than an agency. In addition, it’s hard to find the right person to this position, because all the suitable people are already working in agencies.

The disadvantage of an agency is that they don’t know your product or service as well as your own team. Also, agency’s time is limited, because they’re working with several clients at the same time. On the other hand, if we sum up all the expenses, agency is cheaper. Agencies have more knowledge about digital media as well and they’re up to date with the new trends. In addition, agency’s third party opinion can be refreshing.

At Balticbest conference in Tallinn, the CEOs of Baltic media companies had a common opinion that Google and Facebook is not a threat for them. What is your opinion on that topic? Are Google and Facebook a competition to local portals like Delfi and Postimees?

To be honest, it was embarrassing for me to listen to this discussion. It caused me negative emotions. It’s a complete nonsense to say that Google or Facebook is not beneficial for Estonian businesses. Facebook has over 700 000 users in Estonia and over one million estonians use Google. Moreover, Facebook and Google have definitely better targeting options than Delfi or Postimees. For example, you can show cat owners cat food ads not dog food ads. Baltic media companies are ignoring these facts or they have misunderstood the possibilities of Google and Facebook.

Taking my ten years of experience into account, I can say that almost every time Facebook or Google bring better conversions than local portals. Maybe the advantage of local portals is that it’s possible to easily do branding there. It’s much harder to get the same results in Facebook or Google, because you have to have more knowledge. But it’s not impossible! I personally believe in Google and Facebook.

Can you name some new trends or solutions in digital media?

This question is always interesting. It’s true that there are lots of new things in digital marketing and digital media as well. Virtual reality, augmented reality etc. I keep my two feet on the ground and try to concentrate on the things in digital media that are actually working and bringing the desired results. Of course it’s important to know what’s happening in the future, but you should center on these aspects which are working today. For example, remarketing is something which is not widely used. This marketing tool can bring very good results when using it wisely. There are plenty of criteria how to show remarketing ads. So, remarketing is definitely something companies should try.

Video is also worth trying, because nowadays it’s very cheap to advertise video. To pay only one-two cents per view is very little. It’s much-much cheaper than television commercials. So, I would concentrate on these aspects.

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