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Why is SEO more complicated than predicting the weather

In the spheres of digital marketing SEO is a term used daily. But, despite that, it remains a mystery. Sometimes the rules of SEO change overnight and without any instructions attached. It leaves even the vastly knowledgeable SEO community gasping for air. I had an insightful chat with Rolland Korotkov, the SEO expert of IMPACT 80/20, about what the ‘magical beast’ is all about, and what to keep in mind when wanting to do it efficiently.

Firstly, the purpose of SEO is growing your web traffic with the help of organic search results. Sounds simple, right? How can a masterful SEO help a business owner win? It means more traffic to your website, and therefore, more customers. It can be achieved with a website which is user-friendly and has a thoroughly thought through structure and relevant content. Great SEO also helps with brand awareness.

Rolland, you have been doing SEO for nearly ten years and know the field through and though. Tell me what the main aspects of SEO are?

The easiest is to explain it with the help of relevant questions.

Firstly, is your webpage technically SEO friendly? The website and server must be optimized so that the Crawler (the digital spider crawling around the internet) would understand everything and index the page with maximum efficiency.

The following tasks are usually involved:

  • Error fixing of indexing
  • Switching to HTTPS’
  • Improving the website speed
  • Implementing structured data
  • Relevant tags etc

Especially noteworthy is the importance of SEO friendliness for the website running on Javascript, i.e., Angular, where the customer creates the content. It happens quite frequently that Googlebot has trouble understanding and indexing those pages. And that, as a result, means less traffic to the website and therefore less profit for the business.

Secondly, is the content well-optimized, with user-friendly structure and answers to all visitor questions? As the content is one of the main Google search console ranking factors, it must receive the attention it deserves.

A good content which is user- and SEO friendly, must have:

  • Thought through structure
  • Have relevant keywords in your field of expertise
  • Answer all visitor questions
  • Much better than your competitors, i.e., thought through, of quality and insightful

Thirdly, are the web links valuable? As the links are one of the main positioning factors, it is crucial not to restrict your SEO works only with the webpage.

  • Write content to other blogs as well
  • Post regularly to your various social media channels
  • Share your thoughts on your partner’s websites
  • Communicate with your target group via different media channels

As we know SEO world never stands still and keeps on moving. Can you name a couple of exciting nuances about what is going on right now?

Both the beauty and the pain of the world of Google is that there is always something going on. Some of that news that circles around are correct and some are not. We call them myths. The phenomenon is going to be addressed by the SEO myth video series launching soon. And, there are a lot of myths about SEO. I am very excited!

There has also been some talk about a possible paid option for Google Business Listing to use as an additional option. Also, Google updated, finally, its Googlebot running on Chrome 74. It will make it easier to understand websites running on Javascript.

What are the most important changes in SEO that the community is still talking about (but doesn’t understand quite fully what it’s all about though)?  

Last month (in April – editors note) Google deindexed four percent of the websites online. It is quite a large number of sites. The change caused a lot of headaches for a lot of companies. Google swears the problem is fixed, but bear in mind to always check that your keyword rankings have not fallen without a valid reason.

Is it even possible to keep track of what goes on in the world of SEO? And if, then how?

It is rather complicated but not impossible. You must take the time for a normal self-development. The rules of SEO change all the time, fundamental principles (great content and links) are constant, but the nuances change often. You must stay alert and be ready to tune your work accordingly.

What kind of channels is the best to follow to be always updated?

I would recommend and Also various SEO expert blogs. Set up Feedly for yourself because it is just so convenient to keep an eye on the changes and developments.

When can we expect new changes?

Google updates its algorithms daily, but those changes cannot be predicted in any way.  

Who controls those changes?

Google employees ????

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