E-book: 30 tricks, tips and ideas for increasing queries

Objectives and Challenges

We dreamt of new contacts that would make our marketing volumes sky-rocket and who could become our partners over time. We realised that to achieve this, we needed to create one untold wild proposal that would be impossible, or at least very difficult to refuse.

By brainstorming, we created a value proposition to keep our future partners in mind, the main purpose of which was to gather contacts or lead generation.

The Solution

What did we do? We wrote a 42-page e-book, full of valuable tricks, useful ideas and practical tips from cover to cover. A total of 30 tips on how to increase the volume of queries on your website.

The process itself was as follows: in order to better familiarise oneself with the e-book, the interested person had to complete a contact form on the landing page and leave us his/her email address. We followed the barter economy fair principle: the book for you, the contact for us!

How did we do it? To ensure that our eBook, which is carefully thought out and full of valuable information, reaches the most relevant audience, we have included several different channels: our own website, email marketing, blog, social media channels, Facebook ads, guest blogs and pop-ups.

In all of the channels mentioned, we used a clearly distinctive and motivated CTA to direct all interested people to the landing page created for the campaign. When the interested person had filled out the form on the landing page, the 42-page e-book dropped into his/her virtual mailbox.


  • The active period of the campaign lasted for 4.5 months, and during the period the e-book was downloaded by 662 people.
  • Thanks to the value proposition, we obtained 231 new contacts, which means that ca. ⅓ of those that filled out the form were new contacts.
  • The average conversion of the landing page was 52.8%.
  • The average cost per click (CPC) for Facebook ads was 1.19 euros and the average cost per contact (CPA) was 1.71 euros.