Flex Sülearvutikeskus

Objectives and Challenges

Flex Sülearvutikeskus has been operating in the Estonian market for over 20 years. The company’s primary business direction is the sale of notebook computers for corporate customers. The range of products of Flex is diverse, but the focus is mainly on Dell and Lenovo brands.

Co-operation between IMPACT 80/20 and Flex began in 2016. We set out to work together towards placing Flex’s foot firmly in Google’s keyword-based searches. Among other things, we wanted to constantly be in the picture for recurring visitors and our customers.

Prior to the beginning of cooperation, Flex focused its marketing on more traditional media, and digital marketing was unexplored soil for them. The reason for this was the limited visibility of the so-called “new era” channels of the internet.


Since the aim of Flex’s digital marketing plan was to develop a long-term strategy in the Google search engine, focusing on the company’s most important products, we set the initial focus on paid media campaigns that are keyword-based (AdWords). Later, Facebook was added as a channel.

All campaigns were supported by remarketing ads in the Google and Facebook environments.

The developed strategy comprised a monthly campaign-based digital marketing activities: Managing and developing Google AdWords campaigns, creating new campaigns and monthly banner campaigns, and more.


  • Annual increase of home page visits.
  • The average sales volume has increased by ca. 42%.
  • The average conversion rate has improved by ca. 26%.
  • The total sales have increased by 44%.
  • The campaigns have commercially been ca. 1.5 times more profitable.
  • Digitegu 2018 Adwords campaign finalist