Kreutzwaldi Silmakeskus

Objectives and Challenges

Kreutzwaldi Silmakeskus has been a partner of IMPACT 80/20 since the beginning of 2018. Before that, the company had a working and user-friendly website and Facebook account, but was not involved in marketing strategically.

We set an objective to develop an effective digital marketing plan to improve the overall image of Kreutzwaldi Silmakeskus, brand awareness and bring together those who need help and those who offer it, that is, to fill their customer base with new grateful visitors.


The first step was a well thought out and effective Google AdWords campaign to grow traffic on the website. We did this based on keywords that were indeed relevant to the eye clinic but had not yet achieved good organic rankings.

In addition to improving the keyword rankings, we also wished to raise the general awareness of clients about eye health and the opportunities offered by the clinic. To do this, every month we wrote two blogs on Kreutzwaldi Silmakliinik’s website, and we also shared them on Facebook so that the message could reach a wider audience. And it flew. Evidently.

Results (March-Sept 2017 vs. March-Sept 2018)

  • The total volume of website visits grew by 69%.
  • The number of visit bookings doubled.
  • Traffic from the Facebook environment to the website grew by 500%.
  • Website direct traffic increased by 35% (brand awareness).
  • Over 20 keywords on the front page. In 2017, before the beginning of cooperation, it was less than 10.