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How is the award-winning website has created? is a web-based application for children, which gathers news of upcoming and past events, information about leisure activities with children, as well as children’s programs and games on Estonian National Broadcasting channels. Also, web app visitors can write to broadcasts.

B R A N D D E S I G N & W E B A T T E N T I O N G E N E R A T I O N L E A D S & S A L E S A N A L Y S I S


Field of work:

Project duration:
2 years

Design & Web

Mobile-friendly web solution

The idea of ​​creating a website started with the fact that viewers of ERR’s children’s programs did not have a place to interact with their favourite characters outside the air. As a whole new environment has created, it started with a clean sheet.

First, the concept of the website has put in place and the required functionality which mapped. The children’s station has created with the idea that the entire web has built on a broadcast basis. In other words, all activities have centred around the program, which sets the page apart from all other child-directed websites. Also, all games and activities on the website are “face” of the children’s station.


Due to the characteristics of the target groups, simple user experience and a consistent structure throughout the page were essential to the design, so that children would not have misunderstood and the path to the desired activity would be smooth. The site uses visual elements that are easily recognizable to children as navigation elements so that toddlers who are still reading can manage the page independently. Characteristic sounds have been added to keep the site playful and catch the attention of children.

Concept visualization and mock-ups have created to develop the layout of the elements and blocks on the website. In parallel, a name competition has launched.

The project artist was then involved in creating the characters of the children’s station and the various visual elements we used to create the page design.


What we have achived together

A special event was arranged to announce the website, which was broadcast live on TV and on the website of the children’s station. You can watch the event here.

For the launch event, the WSI marketing team, in collaboration with video specialists, created a video clip that will playfully introduce the possibilities of to children. Like a website, a video is easy to follow and interesting.