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We created the best biotech websites in the world

We are delighted to be back at the WMA WebAwards, a recognized international website for our agency’s completed website. If the contestants and prizes have been won in previous years as well, this is a general category for teenagers. Specifically, our website,, was awarded the title of the best biotechnology website in the world. First time Estonians has awarded the highest certificate in the 21-year history of the prestigious competition. Thus, the WSI web-based agency is necessary for Estonia.

B R A N D D E S I G N & W E B A T T E N T I O N G E N E R A T I O N L E A D S & S A L E S A N A L Y S I S


Field of work:
Design & Web

Project duration:
2 years

Design & Web

The world best website creation lessons

Our UX designer, Tanel Eero, commented on this project: “It was a very challenging project. There was no easy solution, and every step had many things to think through. The client was also demanding and I think it played a good role in the end result. I can say that both parties were keen on the matter, and everything has done in cooperation with the client. ”


Aleko Peipsi from Myoton also emphasised that a sincere desire to do something great on both sides is essential for an excellent result. “If that job doesn’t cease and motivation stays up, then in any case, sooner or later, the so-called water will find its way through the rocks,” said Aleko Peipsi in an IMPACT 80/20 show he was visiting to discuss the world’s best website creation lessons.

Myoton itself is a unique diagnostic tool for measuring muscle condition. As a result, our website is aimed at people in the medical and sports fields and aims to introduce them to the unique capabilities of the diagnostic tool. The site will show you accurately which muscles can measure with Myoton technology and how to use the diagnostic tool.

See also the IMPACT 80/20 show where Aleko Peipsi described the world’s best website building lessons from a customer perspective.