Tallinna Lauluväljak

Objectives and Challenges

Before our co-operation with Tallinn Song Festival Grounds started in 2012, they were largely known and loved among the people as a national symbol. However, it was not widely known that it was possible to rent rooms and equipment under the singing arc. No one knew that within the 23 hectares, one could let their fantasies go completely wild.

The main problem at the beginning of cooperation was the random and inefficient marketing of the Song Festival Grounds services. We set an objective to improve the awareness of the people of Estonia about all the services offered, so that they knew where to turn if necessary (weddings, fairs, corporate and Christmas parties, treasure hunts, film shootings, etc.).

We undertook to increase the visibility of Tallinn Song Festival Grounds on various online channels and increase traffic to their website in order to receive more high-quality queries.


The aim of the digital marketing plan of Tallinn Song Festival Grounds was to develop a long-term strategic and comprehensive solution that meets the needs of the partner and covers several relevant channels.

The developed strategy comprises monthly digital marketing activities, including SEO, content marketing, Google AdWords campaigns, email and social media marketing. We also produced video clips of Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, introducing the company and its products.


  • Higher quality queries.
  • Annual increase of home page visits.
  • The average number of queries has increased by ca. 25%.
  • The average conversion rate has improved by ca. 35%.
  • Several important keywords are on the first page of Google’s organic search.
  • The number of Facebook fans has grown every year.
  • Over 100 content articles have been created in total.