The Health Clinic

Objectives and Challenges

Co-operation is like a good wine, it only gets better by the year. The Health Clinic has been a partner of IMPACT 80/20 since 2013.

At the beginning of co-operation, the number of visits to the clinic’s website was relatively low and the keyword positions were not commendable either. The two aforementioned bottlenecks outlined a wider problem: the company’s homepage did not bring them enough inquiries.

The priority objective of the campaign was to secure a digital presence in the Estonian market and move to new hunting grounds (Finland and Sweden).

Today, the main objective is getting new customers from Estonia and Finland to increase the workload of the surgeons and the company’s economic results.


As monthly marketing activities, we offer SEO, content marketing and Google ads to the clinic. Regarding SEO, the major focus is on optimising keywords in the Finnish language. The Google advertising campaigns are created in the Estonian, Finnish and Russian languages.


  • Increase in total visits by 116% (Jan-Sept 2016 vs. Jan-Sept 2018).
  • Increase in organic visits by 319% (Jan-Sept 2016 vs. Jan-Sept 2018).
  • Increase in queries by 58% (Jan-Sept 2016 vs. Jan-Sept 2018).
  • Increase in organic queries by 122% (Jan-Sept 2016 vs. Jan-Sept 2018).
  • More than 70 keywords on the frontpage (as of September 2018).